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    Neil has been an amazing coach! He has helped me some much technically by giving really in-depth feedback and great imagery and comparisons. My strength increased massively which is a great feeling. Neil genuinely cared about me as client even outside of the physical training, which is hard to find through virtual training. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to start weightlifting or just improve it, no doubt Neil will help you achieve your goal.
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    I started weightlifting in August 2020. For about 6 months before that I had been attempting to snatch and C&J in my previous gym, but worked with Neil to get some proper coaching. Since then Neil and the team have been absolutely brilliant, going over and above for all of the athletes to ensure everyone is constantly improving and performing to the best of their abilities
    Aaron Corbett| 96kg Class - 110 / 140
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    Since starting my training under the watchful eye of Neil I have not only noticed improvements in the weight on the bar but more importantly massive improvements in my technique! Before working with Neil I woulda just whacked the weight on the bar and hoped for the best lol, where as now I feel I have a much better understanding of each lift! If you are looking to take your Olympic weightlifting to the next level, whether you are a beginner or advanced, Neil is the guy for you
    Hannah Crymble | 58kg Class - 88 / 103
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    With Neil’s coaching and programming my progress skyrocketed. Would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their performance in their chosen sport  

    Matthew McEvoy| 89kg Class - 125 / 142

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