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About the company.

What we do

We provide accredited courses to prospective coaches and professionals involved in sport and exercise.

Utilising the knowledge of specialist instructors and partners, we provide up to date and industry leading standards of practice in coaching, strength and conditioning, sports performance and more.

Working closely with sports governing bodies, industry practitioners, education providers and more, we provide a strong foundation in exercise, nurtirion, sports performance and more.

Want to learn skill games for specific sports, check out our courses, written and designed by the best in the game.

Want to learn how to lift? check out our courses, written and accredited by national, continental and international sporting federations.  

In Practice

Our Team

Why Choose Us

We work with the best in the business to provide you with the highest quality courses and accreditation. No other provider gets the information direct from source;

  • want to learn weightlifting? we've expert world level athletes and tutors,
  • want to learn agilty? we've international coaches and practitioners in athletics,
  • Want to learn the core fundamentals of sports performance? we've lecturers from Europe's top education providers on hand and answering your questions.

Some providers use just their own lecturers to teach everything in house, but we believe that you cannot be an expert in everything, and the best person to learn from, is the one that's walked the path and gained the insights to teach, understand and translate their knowledge to suit your needs. So we don't take the jack of all trades, the weekend warrior or the PR guru, we use real specialists in the field to bring the best knowledge direct to you.

Don't leave your learning with anyone just one lesson ahead of you, learn from the best, and bring that to your clients


Bring world class knowledge to everyone who needs it, in a format that's educational and accessible.

Real professionalism in fitness; with courses that practitioners and clients can have real faith in. This isn't celebrity endorsed, the latest fad or gimmick, it's sound, scientific and progressive thinking, providing direction, structure and fact in professional development and applied practice.  

In the age of information, everyone should have the best information to grow and develop. The PR guru has had their time; we're all about quality. 

  • Quality of information for our end user
  • Quality of accreditation to provide real employment and development
  • Quality of experience, where our end users get a real education experience, providing theory and practical applications.  






The best platform to share your knowledge and enhance learning.

-Neil Dougan: Instructor